A car elevator or vehicle elevator is an elevator designed for the vertical transportation of vehicles.


Car elevators are used to vertically transport vehicles inside buildings. The objective of these lifts is to increase the number of vehicles that can be parked in enclosed parking lots and garages where real estate is costly, car elevators can reduce overall costs because less land is required to park the same number of cars.Vehicle lifts, which lift a car at its center of gravity, are used in garages and repair shops and are designed to allow access to a car's undercarriage or repair.

Easy Additional Storage

Most homes feature only one-car garages. This can be problematic for households with more than one vehicle. Sometimes even two-car garages are not enough if more than two vehicles are involved. Aside from rebuilding or expanding your garage, car lifts are a great option to add significantly more space to your garage. A lift can turn your one car garage into a two car garage, and can potentially upgrade a two-car garage into a four-car garage, depending on the space available. The specialists at Blue Sky Builders can inspect your available space and advise you on the number of lifts you can fit within your garage.

Protect Your Vehicle

We all know that quality vehicles are expensive. When faced between parking your vehicle outside or installing a car lift, the choice is easy. A car lift will allow you the extra space to store your additional vehicle indoors, away from the elements and safe from potential damage. Parking your vehicle indoors will keep it looking nice, protect it from damage, and keep it safe from vandalism or theft. For those with expensive vehicles, the extra security a car lift can provide is well worth it. Additionally, cars stored primarily indoors when not in use have longer engine lifespans.




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